“Probably the most meditative sound”

❖ New Invention registered at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA)

❖ Mystique Acoustic „Reverb" Effect

❖ Intriguing Acoustic „Wah-Wah" Effect

❖ Harmonic Overtones and Tunable Drum Head

❖ Stainless Steel und Prime Quality

❖ Hand Made in Germany

What makes it so special?

The possibility to effectively alter the tone on a fully acoustic basis to extend the expressiveness, due to the integrated Wah-Wah and Reverb effects, which are admired and well known in music from other instruments or electronic effectors

How does it sound?

The Medytaton sounds rich like a quality handpan or overtone steel tongue drum. Additionally the sound gets shifted in many creative ways and is ideal for creating intriguing - “Wah-Wah” and mystique - "Reverb" acoustic soundscapes.

Why does it work?

Thanks to the advanced configuration of the instrument’s shape with a second resonance body and additional drum head or spring built in or plugged in.

How do I create the ”Wah-Wah” effect?

You can create a great ”Wah-Wah” effect by simply covering and uncovering the upper sound hole of the Medytaton or by pressing and releasing the drum head as you play the tones.

How do I create the ”Reverb” effect?

The “Reverb” effect will be created automatically as soon as the spring is attached to the instrument, simply by hitting the tongues, the area between the tongues, the bottom shell, the drum head or its edge.

For what purpose the MEDYTATON?

❖Dive into the realm of now. ❖ Channel your emotions and express yourself. ❖ Freestyle melodies without rules. ❖ Connect souls without words. ❖ Embrace it in yoga or healing sessions. ❖ Structur your thoughts. ❖ Surrender in joy with loved ones. ❖ Drum up basic or complex beats. ❖ Master music theory or start from scratch. ❖ Create and record your tunes. ❖ Jam indoors or on the go.

Get ready to rock the stage

with mind-blowing Acoustic Voice Reverb.

Take your show on the road

with a magnet adjustable reverb spring for ultimate portability.

Feel the beat

with snare and thunder drum vibes.

Jazz up your sound

with cool accessories like dampers and scarves.


with overtones galore and NO retuning required!

Make it easy

change the drum heads with a breeze using modern designs.

Get creative

with mallets, plucking, scratching, and more fun play techniques.

Switch things up

remove the drum head and transform it into a classic steel tongue drum.

Channel the earth's rhythm

and jump into online lessons for trendy scales.

Put it up straightly

thanks to a protective edge cover for practical reverb spring use.

Keep it in top shape

with a little water and soft cloth. Oil and rust free!

Let your imagination run wild

with customizable tunings, designs, and materials.



Medytaton "Ananda"

* "Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent" – Victor Hugo

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